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Wed, Sep. 8th, 2004, 01:25 pm
--Phase 2--

My life has become a happenstance of work and school and life.


paying bills and being snubbed by bills that would suck the dirt off of a lawn mower.

I was without a computer for a month.

Now I have one. God damn it is loud.

Work at """""SAMS CLUB""""" is, well....fuck its a menial retail job.
I ask people if they need help, and feed them bullshit about how great out products are.

People fucking smell bad.

A few suggestions to the masses:

If you have not brushed your teeth lately, do. I dont want to smell your rank ass fucking breath.

No, Sams Club does not sell DELLS. Only fucking DELL sells """DELL""" products.

Take a fucking shower.

Use deodorant.
Maybe even anti-persprint.

Quit asking me if I know anything about the products, I fucking sell them dont I?

No, flirting with me when your a drunk, unattractive 40 year old housewife is not amusing, and will surely not get you some lovin'. Just because your husbands a fucking slob of a drunk piece of shit doesnt mean you can mack on me. Youre gross and most likely have herpes.


I am taking two classes at school. I have decided on a Human Resources Management Degree. I will most likely use that as a pre-law. My classes are:

Intro To Microsoft Office: Holy fucking hell. My first assignment?

1. Create a microsoft word document with clip art.
2. Create a microsoft word document with expanded clip art.
3. Create a microsoft word document with clip art and wrap around text.

Whoah. Hold on there. I do not know if I can finish this in a week....

Tough class.

Business Writing: Creating Memos using a microsoft word TEMPLATE. Surely I jest? No.


The apartment is still a piece of shit. My negro neighbors are now reasonably quiet. Now I will not have to call a clan meeting.

Fuck this place. Only nine more months until I am set free from this womb of leaking toilets and shitty carpet.


Im tired.

Wed, Sep. 8th, 2004 07:25 pm (UTC)

Ive missed you!

Wed, Sep. 8th, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)

Alas, it has been rather dull.

Excitement is necessary.

Wed, Sep. 8th, 2004 10:11 pm (UTC)
used_book: old man

there was a time when all my life consisted of was watching adult swim, playing video games, and setting shit on fire at your house... and when i think about it.. i haven't grown up at all. i hope all is well, and i hope to see you again

Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004 01:22 am (UTC)
popsmear: Re: old man

Thinking about them makes me laugh.
"Mowing Lawns"
"Duck Tales"

Growing up is such a funny thing.
All is well.
I am alive, and have enjoyment.
I could use more money, but who couldent?

I assume you are out of state?
Hows life in...montanna?

Or where ever?

I still think upon those days fondly. Most of them are the very few good memories of have of Saline.

Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004 02:37 am (UTC)
dunes_2: Re: old man

at first I thought that said the Shire....

Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004 02:48 am (UTC)
popsmear: Re: old man

that would have been fucking awesome.